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Midwestern Edition
Midwestern Edition

The three paintings featured in this issue are Pedestrian, Nautical, and Suburban Bunker, all of which can be viewed in the Roadscapes folder.

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New American Paintings is a juried exhibition-in-print. Each edition results from a regionally focused, juried competition and presents the work of roughly 40 painters. Thousands of artists enter our competitions every year, but only a limited number make it through the rigorous jurying process. We work closely with renowned curators, such as Lisa Phillips of the New Museum of Contemporary Art and Charlotta Kotik of the Brooklyn Museum of Art, in order to select those artists whose work deserves to be seen by a wider audience. From post-modern pastiche to the landscape, from recognized artists to recent M.F.A. graduates, New American Paintings does not discriminate against style or yield to art world trends.

Each competition is catalogued by region: Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic, Southern, Midwestern, Western and Pacific Coast. Featured artists are selected solely on the basis of artistic merit and provided space for free.